Why are mistakes important?

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“Nothing worthwhile comes without making plenty of mistakes.”


There are many explanations to this question, yet the basis of it can be defined in a simple answer – lessons. Even though mistakes can overwhelm us at times there are opportunities within each and every mistake we make.

Nothing worthwhile comes without a fight. Yet, nothing worthwhile comes without making plenty of mistakes. One of my favorite motivators comes by the name of Anthony Robbins. In his lectures he states, “If you make a mistake make a big one because you’ll learn so much more.” This expression couldn’t be more accurate. Mistakes are meant to be made. Without them, sadly you wouldn’t accomplish anything worthwhile.

We all make mistakes. They come in different colors and shapes of all sizes. They come at random and during times when you’d least expect them. Mistakes are needed for effective learning and development. Unfortunately, most of us are ashamed of them. Mistakes are often looked at as negative hindrances and setbacks and rarely perceived as gifts for advancement. Mistakes should be looked at as opportunities for growth.

We make mistakes to learn the system of life. Without them we wouldn’t be able to judge success. Even though it can be difficult to forget a mistake, each one can act as an experience to move forward. Mistakes should be looked at as encouragement rather than as failure. Mistakes provide us with the necessary information needed to garner success and happiness. Satisfaction is received when we try a second or third time and finally succeed. It’s through our mistakes that we learn the fundamentals to live happier lives.

Don’t let your mistakes crush you. They’re meant to be lived and appreciated. Each of them were served to you to learn valuable life lessons. Take the time today to reminisce all of the mistakes of your past. Write them down one by one. As you relive each experience be sure to erase it from your conscious mind; no longer to be seen as a negative hindrance. Don’t let your mistakes drag you down any longer. It’s time to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. They have weighed you down far too long. Without them you wouldn’t be who you are today.



Meditate on some of your most recent mistakes. As you gather images to your experiences ask yourself these questions. What emotions did I feel? How did the experience affect my life? What did I learn from the experience? I guarantee each time you reflect upon your mistakes you’ll come to a conclusion that each experience helped shape your personal characteristics in some way. They made you a better person. With each mistake you’ll uncover inner personal growth. Look back at the time when you lost your first love, or the time when you lost in the triathlon in junior high school. Maybe it was a time when you were laughed at in the cafeteria when you dropped your lunch all on the floor. Whatever mistake was made I can assure you that it has helped you in some way. Your first love may have felt perfect back then but now you realize that he/she isn’t the right fit for you. Perhaps you learned to treat your new partner differently through the mistakes you made in your past relationships. As far as the triathlon in middle school, perhaps the reason you failed was because you weren’t as prepared as the other competitors. Now you’ve learned to practice much more before your next event. Dropping your lunch on the floor could’ve acted as simple lesson of taking proper precautions when entering the facility next time. Either way, the mistakes you’ve made were designed for your benefit. They were designed to make you a better person.

Writing your mistakes down on paper will help you move towards happiness. Doing this Simple exercise can help transform your thoughts to a much more positive and healthy mindset. In doing this, you will be able to forgive yourself and move forward in life. Only when you’re able to face your past mistakes and forgive yourself you be able to live an ideal lifestyle and move towards happiness. You have the power within you to make a huge difference in your life. Take the time to erase your negative past today.


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