Why are we so unhappy?

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Every day I wake in the morning my mind instantly tunes itself to being unhappy. Yes, there are many wonderful things about my life that it could be directed towards, but because its gone through so much detriment, pain and turmoil, it’s set to automatically focus on the deficiencies of life.

As I interact in society today I see the very same thing within my colleagues at work, my friends and family members, and everyone in between. Everyone just seems so unhappy.

Regardless of who you are, neither of us are immune to unhappiness. Yes, we all experience happiness; whatever that means individually, but it’s evident that we’ve all been unhappy, many times in life. This makes it extremely difficult to differentiate what we want in life or how to properly direct our focus.

Although a very sad reality that our minds automatically program towards what’s wrong in our lives as we open our eyes in the morning, it works in the exact same way as the ‘fight-or-flight’ mechanism. It prepares us for potential dangers. It’s actually trying to ensure that we do we don’t become more unhappier.

Why are we so unhappy? It’s like we expect much more than we actually have. Why can’t we be happy with what we already have in our lives? Why can’t we be content with the accomplishment we’ve already achieved? Why isn’t it ever enough? There are so many questions that arise in our minds along our journey to happiness. I believe the most important question we should all be asking ourselves each day we awake is, what is my purpose?

Your purpose in life is no more than to experience. It’s to appreciate the things that are thrown at you. It’s to learn and accept and be grateful. Nothing else.

Stop focusing on all the negativity!

Try to think back the last few days when you woke up. But were the first thought that came to your mind? Perhaps when you turn the shower on or brushed your teeth, or on your way to work, what thoughts were going through your mind?

Were your thoughts geared to wards happiness and positive emotions? Or, will they geared more so towards your faults, mistakes, or mishaps that have recently happened in your life?

This exercise will help you clearly define exactly what I’m talking about. And, it’ll help you distinguish that your mind to set set to the same negative antics each day.


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