Why are you so concerned?

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I’ve come across countless amount of people who get so concerned about a situation they literally stress themselves to sickness. It’s true, stress equals sickness. Most, if not all sicknesses are stress related. This means that any type of stress you generate will lead to some sort of dis ease.

It does matter what topic we are talking about you don’t need to be so concerned about it. I am obviously not talking about situations where your children are in despair, or health concerns are at risk, I’m talking about the every day situations like things people are saying about you, or what others have that you wish you had. The type of situations that no matter what you do about it you can’t do anything to change it. That’s what I’m talking about.

It does matter what situation you’re dealing with you don’t need to be so concerned about it. Every time you bring concern to any given subject you’re feeding it energy. You’re making it bigger, worse, and more difficult to deal with. Stop giving small things your energy. You’re better off focusing on what makes you happy and striving for it. Everything else can be ignored.


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