Why gratitude is the key to success and happiness

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Gratitude begins with your thoughts…

From the time we awake each morning till the time we bury our heads into our pillows at night, our bodies go through thousands of experiences. These experiences vary in relation to our daily regimens however most are similar in relation to yesterday’s experiences. By the time you go to sleep in the evening your brain will have processed well over 120,000 thoughts. The majority of those thoughts are almost exactly the same as yesterday’s. We think the same thoughts over and over each day with little variation. Sounds like a computerized Sims game.

As we’ve trained our brains to differentiate right from wrong and good from bad, we have forgotten to realize that the bad isn’t really all that bad. In fact, even within our positive experiences, we’re still dealt discouragement, anxiety and a long list of other additional negative feelings and emotions. Over the years our brains have been conditioned to spot the emotions that are negative in nature and replace them with more encouraging ones. Although this serves as a mental band aid for our emotions, it’s the negative experiences that we live through that teaches us to move forward in a positive direction.

Gratitude is the key to success and happiness

The difficult times that we live through teaches us pertinent lessons that are needed to generate true happiness. Whether in business or our personal lives, our failures help define ourselves. Sometimes our biggest failures lead to a truly satisfying place in the end. It’s during these difficult times that we begin to understand what we’re truly grateful for in life. A life without gratefulness is a truly unhappy place.

I’ve always been a firm believer that, “everything happens for a reason.” It’s true! Everything does happen for a reason. Whether you like to believe it or not that’s for you to decide. Every negative experience that I’ve lived has always been a blessing in disguise. Each one has served tremendous rewards and gratifying life lessons. These lessons have served as guidance and acceptance for my future happiness.

Every difficulty is an opportunity. It’s all about perspective.

Our life experiences can be viewed through many different perspectives, making each experience look both positive and negative. No experience is one hundred percent positive in nature. Each one is layered with both negative and positive qualities. Looking at all of our experiences in a positive way, no matter what the circumstances will ensure limited happiness, however, learning from our failures will allow us to move forward in a positive direction, allowing us to forge a lifetime of happiness. Living through the positivity will make you smile, however, the negativity will allow you to become grateful for the things that are often overlooked. By being grateful for the small important things; like the roof over your head, the mind that generates all your great ideas, your friends, family and genuine support that you receive each day will help you get through your days with ease and comfort. Life is a wonderful thing for those that see life this way. Success and happiness is simply a matter of perspective.

Getting through any difficult time can be frustrating and discouraging but when you stop to realize what you’re grateful for, you’ll be able to refresh your mindset and re-focus your goals for a truly rewarding lifestyle. Dreams are made from mistakes, goals are achieved through struggle, and your conscious is determined by the thoughts you feed it. The next time you’re served a difficult life experience, search for the things that you’re grateful for. It will make a World of difference.

What are you grateful for?


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