Why live here in Canada? It’s so frig’n cold!

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As a ranch kid from the heart of Saskatchewan, while living a farm and hanging out with hick friends, now living in white collared Calgary where all the opportunity is (what Trudeau doesn’t understand), it’s interesting to see the different perspectives between the people. But, there’s one thing that I’ll Canadians complain about – the weather.

I want to bring some personal truth to the situation. I mean, it’s ridiculous that we live in this cold of a climate in the wintertime. In fact, Canadians are notorious for complaining about the cold in all seasons.

As a scroll through the weather application on my cell phone, they post yet another ridiculous number (-29) which brings new meaning to the term “ridiculous.”

But, as you can see, there’s another number that’s attached, underneath. This one is actually the more important number. This one states how cold it is with the wind chill. Brrrrrrr

I get it, Canada is cold! No, that’s a f**king understatement… It’s ridiculously fucking cold! And, in parts of the Country (where I write this) it can/has snowed in every month of the year.

Generally, I’m not an individual who likes to complain very much, but, I agree, it is rather ridiculous the type weather us Canadians have to truck through sometimes.

Just the very image of the frozen streets, the icicles hanging from the stop lights, and the frost on the trees beings a cold feeling to my bones.

I have lived a total of 34 and a half years in Canada out of my 36 1/2 year-old life. And 35 of my years have been spent in the Prairie provinces, in the notoriously ‘most coldest place on the planet’ during the winter months. I can surely attest to the term ridiculous when it’s referred to in weather-sense. In fact, in the month of December 2017, Saskatoon – my place of birth was labelled as colder than Mars and Antarctica with temperatures below minus 40. I was visiting my family at the time over Christmas, and, yes, it is much colder than it seems.

It’s not like walking into a freezer in a restaurant (Lake most can relate to). No, it’s like 20 times worse.

One instance while my family and I went shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts we had to run as fast as we could from the parking lot to the entrance of the store because it was so frigg’n cold.

During my Saskatchewan visit, for the entire time, it was literally impossible to walk outside, especially if you have kids. You had to run, or not go out altogether. In seconds your skin will freeze.

I couldn’t imagine how the homeless are dealing with it theses days. Yeeesh!

Then, I hear comments from my American work colleagues as they complain about how cold it has been for them. They complain about the drizzling rain that has occurred for the past two weeks. They mutter about how they had to wipe their car windows from condensation, where we were literally locked into our houses from 3 feet of snow that came in one day, which was only one of the many winter storms we had.

They seem to complain about everything.

I shit-you-not. I took a shovel to my car to get rid of the heap of snow that almost stopped me from going into work.

But, then there is the explicit reality that Canada is still the best place to live, in the Summertime.

It’s unfortunate that there are still many people who have never visited Canada. In fact, many of my work colleagues can barely label it geographically on a map alone share any type of reality with us. But, then again, I see the reality of how cold it can get here. This would scare me away too.

To be honest; I still don’t understand why any Canadian complains. We live in the best place. We have the nicest people. We generate some of the largest opportunities, and of course we are of the most proud. Athletically, in many fields, we are the best, and we generate some of the the best ideas. And, we don’t have any missiles aimed at us.

I guess the weather is really all we can complain about 😉

I’m proud to be Canadian, even in the wintertime.


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