Writing is therapeutic

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Writing is an activity that offers so much more than just a hand cramp. It allows you to tap into your creativity.

Unfortunately, most of us have been bred to despise the written form. Countless amounts of studies in junior high, essays in college and performance reviews at work. It all intertwines into the hatred we have for the written form.

I get it; physically writing is difficult compared to talking, typing or any other form of communication, but there are plenty of other aspects not even mentioned that will heighten your happiness and help you gain more in your life. And, you don’t have to lift an actual pen.

In fact, as I write these very words I’m actually speaking into the microphone of my cell phone. There’s no actual physical writing involved. This makes the activity extremely easy and more desirable. I recommend you do the same. There’s an easy approach to ‘writing’.

I have written an entire book series on moving on from what’s been holding you back and life. The point of the series; to prove the power of writing.

You can gain so many positive things in your life simply by writing about your experiences. I was able to relieve my negative feelings from my divorce/separation from my first marriage simply by writing about it.

There are more of a handful of reasons why you would want to consider writing. The things that I’m talking about are acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, motivation, inspiration, a clearer perspective, and the like.

With just a few simple written words you can be motivated and get a burst of creativity. You can move on from what’s been holding you back in life by letting go of your hatred. This can be accomplished through writing about your experiences.

Take half an hour to do this exercise.

In a notebook, and with your best thinking cap on, think of three instances where you were emotionally triggered. Think of three different situations where your emotions were heightened; where you were fearful, anxious, angry, regretful and the like.

Spend some time getting to know your past. In as much detail as possible, write about each experience. Who was involved in the situation? How did you feel about it? Who influenced you in the first place? All of these questions will help you generate the detail that I’m talking about.

For example, I was bullied when I was in grade 9. There was a specific instance where I was standing in the hallway near my locker. Someone came from behind me and tripped me, making an awkward yet comical Public situation.

While everyone around me laughed I awkwardly and shamefully stood to my feet. I remember exactly the people that were involved in the bullying; the bystanders – the people who laughed rather than help. I remember the exact words that were said to me. I even remember what my bullies were wearing that day.

I also remember writing about the situation and exploring the reasons behind my own unhappiness within the situation. Writing enabled me to get over the experience quickly. It enabled me to grasp onto an entirely different reality, without compromising my happiness.

I’ve used this exercise with most of my problems.

I recommend you do this exercise too. Each of us are hung up on unhappiness from our past. We’ve gone through different issues; different experiences, but in the end, emotion is all the same.

Regardless of how much pain you’ve gone through, or how many hurtful experiences been a part of, emotion is all the same. This means that each of us have experienced the same type of emotional strain, just in different physical form.

When a kid loses his bike, it’s just as devastating to him as if you were to lose your spouse. The same agony runs through your veins regardless of the situation.

Often times, we don’t get many outlets to explore life’s possibilities because we are still dwelling on the past. After you move on from the hurt in your past you’ll be an entirely different and refreshed person.

Writing is the simplest form to achieve this. It allows you to tap into your mindset more so than any other activity.

Give it a shot!


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